Psalm 32 – Is It Too Late Now…?

by Kondo Simfukwe

Sometimes God seems so big…sometimes He feels too far. Sometimes I want to shout His praise…sometimes I cannot think of a reason to. Sometimes I know He loves me…sometimes I’m sure He never could. Sometimes I think He is looking for an excuse to bless me…sometimes I think He is looking for a reason to get rid of me. Sometimes I think He lets people who don’t care about Him laugh more than those who do…okay, often times. Sometimes I think He is carrying my pain…sometimes it feels like He is mocking it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s ever okay to tell Him any of my “sometimes.” Is it?

Join us for the sixth week of looking at a few of the most well-known Psalms. Let’s meet some people, just like us, who dared to get raw and real with God only to discover Him to be The ALWAYS in our sometimes.