Best Christmas Ever: Christmas Eve

by Kondo Simfukwe

Despite the inconveniences and disappointments, your circumstances may be the very channel through which God wants to reveal His perfect plan for you. Your mistakes, your shortcomings, your disappointments are all able to be redeemed through the Child of Bethlehem, because Christmas is always a declaration of good news.

Best Christmas Ever: Mary

by Jeff Gill

In a year wrought with unexpected disruptions, what opportunities and blessing might still be ours if we choose to meet the unexpected with the humility and faith of Mary? Tune into a story 2000 years old but fresh with encouragement!

James: Twelve Tests of Faith (Test of Prayer)

by Kondo Simfukwe

How is your direct communication with God these days? Is prayer a regular part of your day and a natural response in both good and bad times? Join us for the conclusion of our James series as we are reminded of the power of specific prayers voiced to our capable God!

James: Twelve Tests of Faith (The Test of Wealth)

by Kondo Simfukwe

Wealth = the ability to keep extra. You may not consider yourself rich, but James may challenge your definition of the word! Tune in for this timely message as we thank God for what we have and consider how we might use it to bring relief to others!

Racial Division & God’s Heart: Part 5

by Kondo Simfukwe

Today we revisit the topic of racism and look inward. Maybe we don’t fit the most extreme descriptions of certain sins, but is it possible we fall somewhere along the continuum of that sin? How can we crush the whole continuum when it comes to racism?

Racial Division & God’s Heart: Part 2

by Kondo Simfukwe
“Do not merely listen to the word and deceive yourself. DO WHAT IT SAYS!” -James 1:22. Listen (and apply) Sunday’s message as we continue the important and challenging conversation about racial tension and division.